Five Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Ice Cream You Might Not Know About

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Five Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Ice Cream You Might Not Know About

We have all heard of the saying “We scream for ice cream” as a way of expressing our joy towards eating ice cream. Almost all of us always enjoy eating ice cream during hot days, as ice cream is sweet and cool to eat. Many of us have heard and been told off that eating ice cream can be bad for health (such as causing diabetes and damage your dental health), but fear not ice cream lovers. For today, we will be sharing with you some of the amazing health benefits of eating ice cream.


1. Ice cream can stimulate the brain

  • According to a study conducted by Kyorin University in Tokyo, it is found that having ice cream for breakfast could be just what you need to give your brain a boost. 
  • The researcher compared a group of people who had ice cream with a group who had a glass of cold water first thing in the morning, and the ones who ate ice cream were much more alert.
  • One dietitian stated that it could be the fact that ice cream tends to boost the dopamine levels in the body that could make us more awake and alert.


2. Ice cream contains Calcium

  • Scientists are currently researching this idea of calcium on weight, but the basic concept is that eating foods that are rich in calcium helps to keep your body strong and your metabolism running well.
  • One study shows that eating low-fat dairy makes it possible for you to eat more calories without gaining any of the weight that you’ve already lost.


3. Ice cream are good for bones

  • Ever since we were young, we were always told that calcium helps us to build strong bones and teeth. 
  • In fact, 99% of our bones and teeth are made up of calcium. And again, ice cream has calcium in it.
  • Since our bodies don’t produce calcium naturally, we have to find ways to get it into our bodies through food, supplements, and this includes an ice cream cone every once in a while.


4. Ice cream can lower risk of getting cancer

  • Ice cream is a dessert that has a high amount of calcium. 
  • The calcium content found in ice cream can help reduce your chances of colon cancer. 
  • Calcium can protect high-risk people from developing polyps that can result in colorectal or colon cancer. 
  • These benefits last a while after the calcium supplementation ends, so you would not have to constantly eat ice cream to see these benefits.


5. Ice cream can improve our mood

  • We have all seen movies in which a woman who recently went through a breakup consoled herself with a tube of ice cream, or we all had experience of eating an entire tube of ice cream after a breakup or going through something upsetting. 
  • What you might not know is that ice cream isn’t just a form of comfort food as it can literally make you happier.
  • Ice cream helps to produce serotonin, which is a feel-good hormone in our bodies. 
  • Due to the fact that the production of serotonin is done this so well, some medical professionals would recommend those who struggle with seasonal affective disorder keep some ice cream on hand during the cold weather as a bit of a pick-me-up.


Ice cream is generally seen as a sweet dessert that we would enjoy during a hot day or as something sweet tooths like to crave after meals. Now that you know about all these beneficial health facts about ice creams, it just might let you learn to love ice cream on a deeper level.