Marco Polo Creamery (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is an ice-cream manufacturer that based in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia. With more than a decade of experience in ice confectionery industry, we supply ice and frozen confectioneries in various flavour and packaging.

As one of the key player in the ice confectionery industry, we have our unique points that attract our customer and believe in us.

Starting with only distributions in North Malaysia, we have developed throughout the years and now we have expanded our business to the whole Malaysia as well as Singapore. Nonetheless, we are still in the midst of our expansion programme to accommodate more talents to be part of us.

Today, we are proud at the Awards and Certificates we received as it reflects on the fruitful result we achieved through our continuous effort. In the meantime, we are also focusing in generating our organisation Culture.


Our objectives are to strive to excel and update ourselves continuously so that we could provide high quality and reliable products and services to our customers. With our years of experience, expertise and commitment to excellence, we have expanded our business and offering wide range of products which includes :


Our Culture

As a developing company, we put extra emphasize at shaping our organisation culture, which is to value our employee as well as contribute back to the society.

As a form to show gratitude and appreciation to our employees, we emphasize at their welfare by providing a harmonious working environment for them. In the meantime, we also provide both internal and external training to them to ensure they can have consistent personal developments.

Besides that, every year we sponsor ice cream to all participating school to celebrate Children’s Day. We also sponsor ice cream to the under-privileged children as per request.

Being part of the earth residents, we think that we are also responsible to preserve the environment. Therefore, we are constantly looking for more energy efficient equipment. One successful deed is that we are able to change our processing system “from “batch to “continuous” which helped us to reduce emery cost by 60%

Our Customers Come First

At Marco Polo Creamery (M) Sdn Bhd, we cultivate long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships with our existing customers. To achieve this, we have a team of highly experienced and trained team to provide professional consultation before and after sales services.

Awards and Certificates

Malaysia Top 20 Business Excellence Award 2016

Halal Certificate from JAKIM since 2003

HACCP certificate from BM Trade since 2006

MESTI Certificate from MOH since 2014

What are some popular types of frozen confectionery in Malaysia?

Some popular types of frozen confectionery in Malaysia include ice cream, sorbet, and gelato. These frozen treats can be found in various flavours, such as traditional favourites like vanilla and chocolate and local flavours like durian and cendol.

How has the frozen confectionery market in Malaysia evolved over the years?

The frozen confectionery market in Malaysia has evolved over the years with the introduction of more diverse and international flavours and an increasing number of local and international brands entering the market. Additionally, with the rise of technology and e-commerce, frozen confectionery can now be ordered and delivered online, making it more convenient for consumers.

What are the challenges faced by the frozen confectionery industry in Malaysia?

The challenges faced by the frozen confectionery industry in Malaysia include intense competition from local and international brands and the high cost of raw materials. There is also the challenge of ensuring that frozen confectionery products maintain their quality and taste during transport and storage. To tackle these challenges, companies are investing in new technology and innovative packaging solutions to improve the product's shelf life and ensure that they retain their quality and taste.