Ten Unusual Ice Cream Flavors that You Never Knew Existed

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Ten Unusual Ice Cream Flavors that You Never Knew Existed

Food is a big and essential part of our life and for travelling for when looking for a fun eating experience. Ice cream is the most widely beloved dessert all around the world. Ice cream is the perfect treat to add to a good day or save a bad day. Most people tend to go for the typical flavors of vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, rocky road or one of the other easily accessible ones. However, there are quite a few surprising flavors that exist out there made for adventure takers looking to indulge in a new flavor.

Any food that is universally adored will usually result in the creation of new and different recipes. This is especially true for ice cream as there are so many unique tastes that can adapt to the dessert. While there are some ice cream flavors that may seem odd, most of them have good feedback and a great track record that allows them to continue being made. Today, we will be looking at some of the most unusual local and overseas ice cream flavors that you never knew existed.


1. Ghost Pepper Flavored Ice Cream (USA, America)

  • There are many people out there that love to eat spicy foods and sweet foods, but one unique recipe blends them together in an extravagant way. 
  • The extremely spicy ghost pepper has become an ice cream flavor at the Ice Cream Store located in Delaware.
  • This ice cream may initially look no different from other red flavors like cherry or strawberry. 
  • However, anyone buying this flavor should make sure it isn’t stored in a shared refrigerator or someone could be in for a huge surprise. 
  • Some folks do enjoy the mixture of sweet and spicy tastes which makes the ghost pepper ice cream a top seller.


2. Garden Flavored Ice Cream (France)

  • Since 1966, a charming ice cream store in Nice, has been dishing out 94 flavors. 
  • Of course you would find the classics such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, but what really stands out are unique options like lavender jasmine and tomato, and basil, thyme and rosemary. 
  • It’s like tasting an English garden in a cup. 


3. Horse Flesh Flavored Ice Cream (Tokyo, Japan)

  • There are two dozen attractions within Namja Town, Tokyo’s indoor amusement park, but it would be easy to spend all of your time there pondering the many out-there flavors at Ice Cream City.
  • Namja Town serves a range of ice creams of very unusual flavors, this includes Raw Horse Flesh, Cow Tongue, Salt, Yakisoba, Octopus, and Squid are among the flavors that have tickled or strangled visitors’ taste buds.


4. Jackfruit Flavored Ice Cream (India)

  • If you have never eaten jackfruit before, you should know it tastes like gourmet Juicy Fruit gum, in the best way possible. 
  • If you happen to be in Chennai or Delhi (India), stop by this Indian chain for a taste. 
  • While you’re there, be sure to try the watermelon flavor ice cream as well.
  • Malaysia also has its own version of Jackfruit ice cream, which is often known as cempedak and is seen in ice potong sticks.


5. Hawaiian Pizza Flavored Ice Cream (USA, America)

  • As strange as it seems, there is a Korean BBQ restaurant in Los Angeles that produces ice cream that tastes just like the famous Hawaiian Pizza.
  • The chef Chris Oh combines pineapple ice cream and Spam between two freshly-baked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. 
  • If that’s not strange enough for you, he’s also working on an ice cream for Coolhaus known as the Korean Chili Fries, which consists of red bean ice cream and french fries sandwiched between cookies made with butterscotch, pretzels and potato chips.


6. Durian Flavored Ice Cream (Malaysia)

  • In Malaysia, durian is a common and popular fruit, and there are ice creams that come in durian flavor. 
  • While durian flavor ice cream is considered to be common in Malaysia, but in other countries durian ice cream is considered to be rare and unusual due to the controversy of how people perceive durians smell and/or taste like.


7. Nasi Lemak Flavor Ice Cream (Malaysia)

  • We all know that Malaysians enjoy their nasi lemak and can have any time of the day. 
  • This love has resulted in the creation of a nasi lemak flavoured gelato available at Cielo Dolci in Paradigm Mall.
  • Cielo Dolci has taken this local favorite to a new level with this creative ice cream flavor, with bits of coconut rice churned together with their secret gelato base, then topped with the requisite roasted peanuts and fried anchovies, and of course with some dried chili flakes to give it the nasi lemak boost. 
  • This is definitely something special for the adventurous eaters


8. Milo Dinosaur Ice Cream (Malaysia)

  • All Malaysians have enjoyed milo, a chocolate malt drink that is popular among the locals.
  • When ice-cream and a perennial mamak favourite meet, you get Milo Dinosaur ice-cream at Inside Scoop 
  • For those craving a local twist to the popular chocolate flavor, this is the perfect ice cream for you. 
  • And if that huge hit of malty goodness isn’t enough for you, you can try out one of the light and fluffy buttermilk waffles that Inside Scoop is known for.


9. Dragon Fruit Flavored Popsicles (Malaysia)

  • Dragon fruit is a common food that we would find in Malaysia, which is unsurprising if there are ice cream or popsicles that come in this flavor.
  • This bright fruit has made it to the list of Pops Malaya flavours and makes for a truly refreshing way to cool off on a hot day. 
  • Pops Malaya sells their popsicles that costs RM4 a stick and pride themselves for using 100% natural fresh fruit flavours that you can taste with every lick.


10. Pandan Kaya Flavored Ice Cream (Malaysia)

  • Sometimes, the best way to start the weekend is to go for a relaxing old-school breakfast at the local kopitiam and enjoy a toast with old-school slices of Hainan toast with homemade kaya and cold wedges of butter. 
  • While The Last Polka’s pandan kaya-inspired ice cream doesn’t contain any butter in it, it does have a generous amount of sweet, fragrant kaya, which lends its characteristic aroma superbly to this concoction.


Ice cream is a part of our lives, and we have all grown used to eating ice cream as a dessert or as a comfort food. Now that you know about these 10 unusual flavors of ice cream, does it still peak your interest and love for ice cream? There are many unusual flavors out there that we don’t know about, but one thing is for certain: ice cream is universally favored by all.