Ice cream for everyone

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Ice cream for everyone

Everyone likes a cold drink or cold stuff to cool down on a hot day. Ice creams are the best item that helps to cool us down during hot weather. The earliest ice cream can be dated as early as the second century B.C., although without an exact date of origin or the name of the creator. Ice cream remained a delicacy reserved only for the elites until 1800. As during that time, the technology wasn’t that advanced to let all people have the chance to taste ice cream. Marco Polo, the explorer, introduced Europe to a frozen milk dessert which is very similar to our modern ice cream which he had enjoyed in the Far East.

Ice cream is available in a wide range of forms and sizes and there are a few ways to create ice cream. There are 8 general steps that a factory manufactures ice creams in large batches. The first step is to blend the raw material of ice cream together. The materials are milk, eggs, sugar and some additives. Next, the factory workers pasteurize the mixtures to kill bacteria in the mixture. This process warms the mixture to 82 degree celsius thus killing any existing bacteria. After that, the workers will start to homogenize the mixture to produce a uniform texture. Then, the mixture is cooled to 2 degree celsius and rested for the workers to blend in the flavours into the mixture. After cooling, it is time for flavoring the ice cream and then freezing the ice cream to soft serve consistency. Depending on what type of ice cream the company wants, the workers will add fruit and sweetened chunks if the needs arised. The final step is the packaging and bundling of the finished product. Before shipping the ice cream, it must be hardened to -23 degrees.

Ice cream is popular in a lot of countries across the world and Malaysia is no exception. There is no season in Malaysia and the weather here in Malaysia is very hot. Ice cream is a wonderful choice to cool us down on hot days thus there are ice cream selling everywhere. Malaysia has a lot of ice cream brands and some of them are even local brands. One of the best selling ice cream brands in Malaysia is MP, Marco Polo Creamery (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. Marco Polo is a local ice cream manufacturer based in Kedah. Our company has more than 10 years of experience in the ice confectionery industry. Our company sells frozen and ice confectioneries in different types of flavour and packaging. We are proud to say that we are one of the key players in the industry as we have our own unique points that attract more and more customers everyday.

Our company sells a variety of ice cream, ranging from ice cream cones, ice cream sticks, ice cream cups. Ice cream box and even sandwich brick ice cream. One of the local ways of eating ice cream is called ice cream sandwich. We take a slice of bread, put a thick cut/slice of sandwich brick ice creams and put another bread on top and eat it just like a sandwich. Many people had eaten it during their childhood. Ice cream cones are one of the more common types of ice cream in Malaysia. Ice creams are inserted into a thin crisp of edible cones which function as a ice cream holder are called ice cream cones. As the name suggested, ice cream sticks are ice creams on a stick. There are many flavours of ice cream sticks in Malaysia, for example: chocolate, vanilla, fruits and more. Ice cream cups are another type of ice cream popular in Malaysia, and it is very good to give to children as the ice creams won’t drip onto shirts. Another type of ice cream that our company sells is the ice cream box. Our company’s ice cream box comes in 3 sizes, 0.5L, 1.5L and 6L which is commonly used for commerce purposes.